One More Step


Today as we hiked by Jordan’s Pond in Acadia National Park God kept speaking to my heart.

In our days of ministry Kevin and I have seen some hard times. Times that nobody would have thought us weak if we wanted to give up and just take on a secular job and just let this all go. There was times I would look at Kevin and say this hurts. I would ask God why? I would cry and feel as if I couldn’t do this no more. I would think I wasn’t strong enough I don’t have the skills to do this. I was right I wasn’t strong enough, but God was. I didn’t have the skills, but God did. I had to put it all in God’s hand and say I can’t but you can.  I got up each day and made the decision to stay the course to fight the good fight. It was a hard road.

I would look back and say I made it through this or thank you God thats over. And just when I thought it was getting smooth and I could handle this, BOOOM another challenge another problem, another choice to keep going.

Today as I climb I felt that same thing. The path would be easy and I thought I could do it then BOOM it would get hard and I wanted to turn around.  I can’t climb this I don’t have the skills WHY am I doing this. This hurts.  All this and God opened my eyes to my life. And I realized just take “one more step” keep going.

Each step brought me closer to my goal . Just like each decision we have made has brought us here now. Each step made me stronger to take the next one. And before this day I had never climb a mountain, but now I think I can climb another one.

Life isn’t easy no matter where God has you. It will be hard. But your goal is worth it. Just take one more step. Each step brings you closer.  God is calling you and I know you want to be at that Goal now, but you have to take the steps to get there. I couldn’t fly to the top of the mountain like superman, although that would have been cool, I had to take the steps to get there.  And each step made me stronger. Just like each trial prepares you for the next and makes you stronger. All to be able to handle the task that God has for you.

In life God will give you the support you need to make it to your goal. He will provide you with the truth and encouragement to help you make it up that mountain to your Goal. Focus  on that “one more step”. Kevin encouraged me and told me you can when I just knew I couldn’t .God has given me him to help me even in my spiritual walk to encourage me and I for him.  We will keep taking that “one more step” till we reach the goal that he has for us.



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