Consider the Ant.


So as we were hiking I had to sit for just alittle and catch my breath.  I looked over to see this Ant. He is working hard to get whatever he is carrying to his home.  He is focused on his goal and no matter how I wanted him to move he kept going undeterred.  The thing he was carrying was the same size as him,but that didn’t seem to slow him at all. I sat and stared as he crawled over obstacles and maneuvered his way to where he was going. He didn’t complain about his load he was carrying. He never acted like it was too much for him. Matter a fact he carried it with confidence and acted as if “I am made for this”.
So this verse pop into my head.
Proverbs 6:6                                                                                                                     Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
How many times does God put a task before me and I act as if I can’t  or this is too hard? Do I complain about what I have to do? How many times has that ant have to go back and pick up the same thing from a different area? Does he say to the other ants I already brought you one last week do you really need another? No  he probably repeats that same trip several times with no complaint. Do you think he see the end result of his goal? Do you think he ask why am I doing this? Or how does this benefit me? 
When God give you a task do it.  Consider the ant.  That ant will receive his reward during the winter when he can’t collect what he needs. Will you not receive your reward too? Whether it be crown in heave, winning someone to christ , or….. you name it. God tells us to consider the ant, because even he sees the ants hard work and the end there of. If he considers the ant such a small creature hard work, won’t he consider your hard work?
Things that come to me as I hike.

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