Psalms 20:4

Psalms 20:4 “May He give you what your heart desires
and fulfill your whole purpose.”

The  questions I have to ask is do you know your purpose? Not just your purpose, but your WHOLE PURPOSE. I remember when my  husband and I were young adults. We thought we knew what our purpose was. He wanted to be a concert pianist He loved music. Little did he know God would lead him to do worship in church and now a Senior Pastor of a new church.

I wanted to be a house wife and a Pastor’s wife. More of less anything that my husband needed me to be. Now that most of  my kids are married and I am that Pastor’s wife I wonder what is my WHOLE PURPOSE. I never thought we would be church planters, but we are. I never thought I would leave the midwest, more so my family, but we have. I find that with each door opening in my life and others closing my desires change. I realize more and more that I may never know my Whole Purpose.

i also know that I must keep my heart pure so I can trust the desires there of.

Dream big! i know I am not done. I have reached one goal in life it is time to get going and reach higher for the next.

Ready for the next step

Ready for the next step

We desperately


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