Psalms 27 13-14

Psalms 27

13 I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living!
14 Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!

When you hike in Maine you see the goodness of the Lord every where you look. There is no joy for me in hurrying any hike and getting to the end. When I do that it becomes a workout and not a relaxing time. I know I must drive some of my family nuts when I stop and take picture of another stump or another rock. They are focused on the goal of the trail I am focused on the journey.  The beauty and the goodness that God made just for me. You know he could have made everything the same, but he didn’t. He put so much time and effort into a world that I was going to live in, yet sometimes I am so busy I skip right over it. So I stop and I take the time, I look, and I listen.

On this trail you could hear the waterfall before you got to it. It pushed me to go just a little faster just so I could see what was making this glorious music to the Lord.  It got me thinking what if I couldn’t hear this sound. I would miss the HD experience I was getting with this trail. I would miss how the wind in the trees and water seem to be singing praises to the one that created them.  So I stopped on the trail that and listen. I didn’t take a picture I just listen. It was almost as if God said “Can you hear it? This wonderful song that is being sung for you to hear. ” It was raining so that added to the sound.  I could feel it. The trees blanketed us like a umbrella, but just enough mist was getting through to feel refreshed.

Where does it lead.

Where does it lead?

The path wasn’t an easy one. You had to turn side ways at time to even make it down it was so steep. The rain also made the roots on the trees a little slick. It was a beautiful challenge.  You couldn’t run down to see the falls, because frankly you might fall , so you had to take it slow.

It reminds me of life. We talked about this in Women’s bible study last night when we read this chapter above. You know the goal and where you are suppose to go, but it’s the wait. Waiting on the Lord, not because he isn’t ready, but your not ready. Your not ready for the goal yet. You haven’t built up the strength. If you get there now your too weak. Getting to your goal to soon maybe and early death. Example if you hurry down this path you could fall and break something. This would require us leaving the trail and maybe never getting to the water fall until another day . Then when you go back another day it will be even slower, because you will think “oh I don’t want to rush I fell right here”. You may not even take the trail again and miss out completely because you fell.  Therefore miss out on the glory of what God has for you. Same way in our Christian walk . God tells us he wants us to do this, but he doesn’t give us a time when he wants us to do it so we think “OH Now.’ We rush and try to make it happen. All the while God is is saying “Wait, Wait. I told you the goal so you would head on the right path. Not so you would hurry up and  do it.”  We try on our own to make what God wants to happen, happen and when it doesn’t work we wonder why. God doesn’t need us to do what he has planed , but he invites us to be a part of what he has planed.  When it is God’s plan it is God’s way and God’s timing.  We don’t have to do anything but follow the path. Enjoy the journey.  Also when you get to the

Do you hear the sound.

Do you hear the sound.goal God has for you

goal God has for you Wait. Enjoy. Be at Peace. We rush each level in our lives, we rush the journey , and we wonder were our time has gone.  We get too busy and sometimes we miss the key things that will help us when we reach that goal. Or we forget why we were heading that way to begin with.

So if I can encourage you

Wait for the Lord

be strong, and let your heart take courage;

Wait for the Lord.


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