This is not your home.

Hebrews 13:14New Living Translation (NLT)

14 For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.


            I was born a midwest girl. Went to school there.  Met the love of my life there. Started a family there.  Allmost all

my family and friends are there. I was a Cardinals fan ad yes I bleed Blue. I know my way around without google maps.

This was home. THEN…..

Three years ago my husband  accepted a job in the New England  area. It was cold and beautiful.The  ocean air called to  you, but most of all God was calling us there. No question this was where we were suppose to be.

Earlier this year  I was longing to go home, back to the midwest. I wanted to see my niece that I had never met. I wanted to visit with family and friends. We didn’t have the money so I had to save. The home sick start to subsided  and things got back to normal. Then my mom called and told me she was having major surgery done. I had to go back home  I was needed. Mom got me a ticket and a couple weeks later here I am . As we drove to my parents house I saw all the familiar sites and smells. The next day we drove around and I saw my niece and other family it was nice, but……As we road back to my parents house in their convertible I  looked down  each of the streets, I  knew where each of them lead. With our new home google maps was my was my friend  or else I  was lost. It was then sitting in that car that it hit me, This Is Not My Home. It was as if I heard God say ” Don’t mistake that sense familiar  with the sense of home. ” Then he took it to the next level. “Don’t mistake this world that you live in and know so well as your home.”

We cling onto  things here on this earth. We build up our earthly treasures. We play keep up with Jones until we are broke. How much heavenly treasures are we storing up.? Are we preparing  ourselves for our eternal home, or is this life all that matters?

As I sit here in the midwest, I long for my home . I miss my kids,  I miss my bed, I  miss my animals,  but most of all I miss my love.  So it makes me think , do I  long for my heavenly home or am I  to comfortable  where I am?  Are you comfortable?  Are you storing up treasures in your heavenly home? Do you miss your love that gave his life for you? Don’t get comfortable,  because this is not your home.


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