You Can’t Deal with Your Demons and Put Angels to Bed.

Every night I get the blessing of putting my sweet grand-baby to bed. We turn on her worship music, I sing to her, she sings to Jesus, and the presence of God comes in the room. By the first song she is asleep. No problem, Yaya’s  work is done.

Tonight was not the case. Yaya was dealing with the disappointments of the evening. One thing after another seem to frustrate me tonight. Whether it was lack of sleep  or just the disappointments, I am not sure, but I was off. God knew it, I knew it , and Skylyn knew it. A simple putting-of-the baby to bed wasn’t simple. As I rocked her, I didn’t let go of my stress, instead I thought on it. I tried to deal with my issues. Before I knew it, the first song was over and I wasn’t singing. I was fuming and Sky was restless.

So, then comes the second song “Come on Yaya, focus. Sing…” I thought to myself. I sang, rocked, thought of issues, and Sky wiggled in my arm. I put her in bed; maybe it is just that she is too long for my arms and needs to stretch. I laid her in her crib, patted her and sang. Skylyn wiggles and looks up at me as if to say “Yaya, what is wrong, I am tired”.  I feel you Sky, I feel defeated. I wondered, “Why can’t I focus? Why can’t I get in His presence? Why is all this stuff in my head?”

God stopped me and said, “You can’t deal with your demons and put angels to bed.” I stopped everything and looked at her. Skylyn has only been out of Heaven for a little over a year, before then she was being formed in her mother’s womb and being touched by the Most High. I am holding the closest thing to Heaven and all she wants to do is feel God near to her as she sleeps, and her Yaya is blocking that.

My focus was on what I could do to fix my problems, I was not focusing on what God was going to do. I was holding the tension of the day (aka “dealing with my demons”) and trying to put my angel to sleep.

I picked up Skylyn looked her in the eyes and said, “Yaya is sorry, please forgive me.”, “God, take my stress, my worries, my hurts, I don’t want them.” I sat down we rocked, I sang, and the angel went to sleep.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

If you’re a young parent, let me encourage you in this way; let your stress, your anger, and your worries go before you put your kids to bed; you will be amazed at the peace you’ll feel as they rest.






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